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Lean: Value adding organization
TWI InstituteTWI Institute

The TWI Institute is the training institute for first-line managers. The TWI Methods help supervisors to support and instruct people and to improve daily work methods.

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Lean is one of the most popular methods to improve processes in organizations with lasting results.

Hillfive has been active in the Lean domain for years, and knows first-hand which impact Lean can have. Lean creates a different mindset, which can deliver big results and transformations in companies.

Get to know our latest and fully digital training! Learn the basics of Lean in just one day, with our brand new Online Lean Yellow Belt Training, with official certificate.

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FullFact Solutions -

Keeping manufacturing processes running smoothly, means first and foremost a reliably functioning machine park. To provide insight into its status and to continuously improve it, FullFact Solutions provides a software suite (OEE Toolkit) for measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Five characteristics of this OEE Toolkit (1) intuitive, (2) easy to customize, (3) implementable within a day, (4) easy to expand and/or link with other business software, (5) from and for the shop floor.

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The Lean MentorThe Lean Mentor

The Lean Mentor - Arnout Orelio is Lean coach, mentor and published several Lean (care) books. He teaches you to solve problems in a sustainable way, and to recognize waste. He focuses on problems that stand in the way of optimal care for patients and clients. Problems are solved at the source. Arnout provides you with effective leadership skills. He will also teach you how to involve colleagues and coach them. With the aim of continuously working together to provide the right care, at the right time, in the best possible way. Safe and compassionate. Curious? Visit our (book) website!

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