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Bron: Procesverbeteren.nl
How to create flow in business processes
Business-improvement.eu is one of the very few (if not the only!)  100% independent Business-improvement.eu is a completely independent website, with an independent editorial staff:

1. We do not provide paid consultancy services.
2. Every consultancy (or supplier) can advertise on our site.
3. Advertisers cannot influence the content of our articles.
4. Registrated users only recieve once in about four months our newsletter by e-mail.
 websites about all business improvement methods, including Lean, Six Sigma, TOC, QRM and TPM! 
Owner and editor-in-chief of this website is business-journalist Dr Ir Jaap van Ede .
Our mission: contributing to a flowing work experience, literally and figuratively speaking, by inspiring you with in-depth real-life business cases. Join our community! We promise to send no unwanted e-mail.
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